SEAM - Älykästä sähkönkulutusta

The Energy Market

Energy production has remained fairly unchanged for decades. Right now, however, the energy market is in transformation. Consumption is growing at a rate of 1,5 per cent each year in the EU. The portion of renewable energy sources is increasing, which leads to variations in market prices.

SEAM assists its customers in benefiting from the lowest market prices and renewable sources in an advanced way. Did you know that today, only 4 percent of all companies are utilizing demand response in their daily functions? 

The majority of electricity in Finland is transmitted via the nation-wide transmission grid managed by Fingrid. The price of electricity is determined mainly in the power market Nord Pool, where electricity is purchased and sold both hourly and far into the future. Energy prices are determined by several factors. SEAM assists its customers in understanding the electricity grid and market, and thus in consuming energy in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner.

The transforming energy market provides possibilities that SEAM encourages its customers to explore. Intelligent energy solutions help save money and use energy efficiently. Furthermore, by saving money and energy it is finally possible to save the environment.