Information systems and services for utility-scale solar, wind and storage

We provide software for getting the most out of your renewable assets and matching marketplaces


Think about the post-transition era

The energy transition introduces new assets, new markets, new services and new players. Before the transition, the utility companies predicted the power consumption and planned the electricity purchase and generation accordingly. This has changed. With renewables the electricity generation is a subject of forecasting, while consumption gets more and more adaptive - planned with a set of rules.


Get the most out of your assets

When it comes to renewables, we provide software for getting the most out of your assets and matching marketplaces. Our glory comes from capability in asset-level integration and excellence in the grid-wide management systems.



A typical fleet of PV power plants have hardware of different manufacturers brands and different models of each brand. Pulling the whole together and getting the control to your fingertips, find out SyncPower EMS.


In an ideal world, your wind power fleet communicates fluently with different market places and other stakeholders. Often the wind farm’s existing standard SCADA doesn’t have interfaces to online markets, or to other related business opportunities. Let SyncPower EMS be the link between your assets and business.


We provide software for integrating different manufacturer's batteries, substations, SCADA systems, and other devices into a single uniform Energy Management System, SyncPower EMS. It enables information sharing with different stakeholders, as well as participation in the matching marketplaces.

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