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We bring your renewable energy assets to the market

Our glory comes from capability in asset-level integration and excellence in the grid-wide management systems.

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About us

Moving to the post-transition era

SEAM (Sustainable Energy Asset Management) is a provider of intelligent information systems and services for utility-scale solar, wind and storage.

The energy transition introduces new assets, new markets, new services and new players. New rules. From planning the purchase and generation to forecasting it. From predicting the consumption to planning it.

From the outdated to the future.

Our long-time experience on electricity markets, demand response, related processes and possibilities of the cutting edge software is best exploited in the world of utility-scale operations. Where megawatts and megawatt hours or even gigawatts/gigawatt hours are discussed. Where participation to electricity and reserve markets are key elements of the business. Where the critical nature of the grid stability is well understood.

This is our expertise. This is our domain. Together we will make the transition.

SEAM is a subsidiary of Syncron Tech Oy, the home for production-boosting software for industrial and energy sectors.

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